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Christine Powell-Lawrence

This week has been crunch time around here in the studio and I've never sat for such long periods of time in front of my computer. Overall to have everything right at your fingertips is a blessing. The apps I run on my IPhone have not been giving me notifications lately. Hmm... My phone is overloaded with pictures of yarn and I can see how it can get distracted (oh look yarn!. I would too! Wouldn't you?

 YarnMore YarnLook Even More YarnWow Even More Yarn

The one thing I haven't done and will not do is bring over my old blog posts. Sorry my backside needs a break away from the computer. My goal here is to create a community of sorts. I'm always listening and want your experience to be memorable. My pet peeves with most sites is their lack of organization, scrolling for days, search does not work, and I could go on and on. 

Just so you know:

Shop Yarns it brings all items in and you can sort through at the top in the drop down menu.

Collections  ie Classic Tweeds, and Fun and Funky is sorted for you.

About page has some very important informational pages pertaining to dye techniques to yarn and fibers, so when in doubt check them out.

Then we have the normal contact, blog, and yada yada...

If there's anything you think I can do to improve your experience please let me know.

Studio News! There's new bases and I've started a color idea board for these new beauties. Also check out my latest You Tube Video as well- this is where I help to explain how to find and make the colors move in your next project.

Until Next Time - Happy Creating!




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