High Quality Hand Dyed Fine Yarns by Unique Sapphire

So who is behind Unique Sapphire?

Christine from Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio

That would be me! Over here! I’m Christine behind all the yummy yarns and up to my elbows in dye.

Hmm… Unique Sapphire sounds like a jewelry shop. Well… Yes I guess one would think that. Unique Sapphire is my own personal pseudonym for myself. I was born in September, which a Sapphire is the birthstone. Also being a Virgo adds complexity, as attention to detail is my specialty. So Unique Sapphire was born.

My creative drive started early on as my mom taught me how to crochet, sew, and needlepoint. The one thing she never grasped from her own mother was how to knit. As an adult I made it my passion to learn how to knit and that moved onward into spinning my own yarns as well.

 I am also a total numbers geek and you must check out my YouTube channel to see how I explain how popular dye techniques play into your next project. However, I like to throw caution into the wind. I dye differently, fun, and brilliant amounts of color burst forth in my colorways.

 from Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio

Each batch is meticulously hand dyed or painted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency of each colorway. My colorways are inspired by everything I encounter, which often it’s hard to keep up with my creative process.

My love for everything dyed dates back 28 years ago when I started a professional career as a hairstylist. The knowledge of color and complimentary colors grew into a passion to dye more than just human hair.

Only professional dyes are used unless otherwise noted in my process, in which I scour to ensure that the colors will not bleed (as long as you follow my recommendations). Psst! Do you want to know how clean my yarns are? I Do Not dye them in a basement or garage area in plastic bins. These are dyed in my own family’s kitchen! Extreme care is given to each and every skein.

 from Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio

I’m always on the prowl for yarn bases that are organic, ethically sourced, and offer my customers peace of mind. Based on the seasons you will find Merino, BFL, and other Exotic fibers to Organic Cotton and Linen Blends. I’m also carrying a Pima Cotton that is a pleasure to work with. If I find the fibers not pleasant to create a project out of it will not be offered to you. Only the highest quality that meets my standards will be at your door.

Each order is processed personally. Why? I Love to add the special touches and samples to each order. From the packaging to the hand written notes that are often forgotten. I truly believe in a complete experience from start to finish. Your satisfaction warms my heart and fuels my passion to create.

Thank You from Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio

I strive and want you to be overjoyed when your package arrives. This is my art that I am sharing with you and look forward to your suggestions. I am Christine, Unique Sapphire, come along and enjoy with me my journey in color.