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Dye Techniques

Kettle - also known as sand washing gives a semi solid effect when using one color. If multiple colors are used they mingle and create new in between tones, while deepening other tones. Multiple colored skeins will always use colors that are playful and eye appealing together to ensure no muddy tones. 

Speckled dying - skeins often are kettle dyed in a base color then additional dyes are dusted onto the skein. The secondary colors are left to bleed giving the speckled look and often creates other colors as the dye molecule breaks. 

Hand Painted - this technique is painted on with a measured amounts of dye to certain areas on the skein creating a repeat of color. While each skein may look exactly alike, however they may not be. In hand painting, skeins are laid out across a work area side by side. Dyers mix the dye into it's in liquid form  then paint on damp skeins. So some areas may receive a bit more dye than others.

Various - Often I will combine all the above in a single colorway or just kettle dyed and hand painted. The effects I achieve are unique and inspiring. 

Note: If you are using more than one skein of any of the techniques listed above it is recommended to alternate between skeins. Thus creating an illusion that each skein was dyed precisely the same.